depa Goes All Out for HACKaTHAILAND 2023, an Unprecedented Digital Technology Celebration Marking the Success of CONNEXION and The Coming of eTailligence Platform


August 25, 2023, Bangkok - The Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) announced the success of HACKaTHAILAND 2023: DIGITAL INFINITY, a project designed to develop digital personnel by enhancing digital skills, along with promoting the practical application of digital technology in the public sector. This was unveiled at the digital technology exposition, HACKaTHAILAND 2023: DIGITAL INFINITY, held from August 25-26, 2023 at the Plenary Hall 1-4, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC).

 Assistant Professor Dr. Nuttapon Nimmanpatcharin, President of depa, revealed that "The digital technology exhibition HACKaTHAILAND 2023: DIGITAL INFINITY, a major event under this year's HACKaTHAILAND project, brings together all-round technology to offer a digital experience to the public. The exhibition covers over 6,400 square meters and is divided into five zones: FUTURE Zone, COMMERCE Zone, TOURISM Zone, CONTENT Zone, and WELL-BEING Zone. In the COMMERCE Zone, we continue the success from the CONNEXION project, one of depa's major projects in 2023 that aims to upgrade knowledge, develop new technology skills, and foster digital innovation for the Thai public, particularly unemployed individuals and fresh graduates seeking jobs. The project will equip them for new careers in the digital age, vital for the Thai e-commerce industry, as digital content creators and digital influencers. Training is conducted on the CONNEXION platform (, with over 60,000 people having already registered to participate in the project."

Moreover, CONNEXION also serves as a platform to showcase the potential and creativity of the participants through competitions for outstanding influencers and digital content creators in Thailand. They will compete for prizes totaling over 280,000 Baht and receive opportunities to match with more than 50 entrepreneurs which will lead to job creation and future income. This is complemented by the collaboration with depa's partners such as TV Direct Public Company Limited, TERO Entertainment Public Company Limited, Telscore Company Limited, and TeC e-Business Center Company Limited. A business matching event is being hosted within the “Job Village” sector to scout for influencers and content creators, offering them the opportunity to collaborate with all these firms.

Furthermore, the event has gathered numerous famous influencers including Nut Nisamanee Lertvorapong from Nisamanee.Nutt channel, Eek Chrrissa Chotijirasathit from Chrrissa Chotijirasathit channel, Bebe Thanchanok Ritnaka from BEBE FIT ROUTINE channel, Q Taymee Koopthanaroj from Q TAYMEE channel, Cheezecake Jariya Rachomas from Cheezecake Jariya channel, Dow Wipha Arthitaurai from Fit Kab Dao channel, Pun Chatpong - Pong Chupat Harnharuiharn from TheFadd channel, Nune Noppaluck Kultawatchai from Nune NOBLUK channel, and GamBoom Priyada - Mae Lee Srinna Sitthacha. They will participate in the 'A Future of E-commerce' event hosted by Pu Suwita Charanwong, Zong Songphon Chunmatrakit, Wai Thanavat Malabuppha, Mint Kulthirat Pakavachara, and Mickey-Yuttana Srisawat iTAX on digital business law and tax. Participants will be shared vulnerable working experience in the E-Commerce industry.

Last but not least, in COMMERCE Zone, eTailligence Platform has begun as one of the funding projects by depa. This platform is the first of its kind in Thailand, aggregating vast volumes of Big Data within the realm of e-commerce. It empowers online businesses and product brands to efficiently analyze consumer interests, sentiments, and satisfaction levels through its platform tools. This, in turn, allows them to harness data more effectively and target their audience more precisely.

This platform offers three key tools:

1. Market Analysis: This tool provides an overview of the E-Commerce market, categorizing products sold online. Data is sourced from various marketplace platforms within Thailand.

2. Shop Analysis: It compiles and analyzes data from online stores gathered from different marketplace platforms, consolidating information in one location.

3. Competitive Analysis: analysis of competitors in the same product category.

 For businesses interested in utilizing the eTailligence platform as a marketing tool for online business planning, further details can be found at, or you can inquire for additional information by contacting us through our LINE Official account at @etailligence.

 For more information about the CONNEXION project, details and updates can be obtained through 3 available channels:


Facebook:  depaCONNEXION

LINE OA: @depaconnexion


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