Signing Ceremony of Partnership between Tokyo Symphony Orchestra (TSO), Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra (RBSO) and Silpakorn University (SU) February 6th, 2024 between 14:00-16:00 at Japan Embassy in Thailand

Japan Embassy in Bangkok (February 6th, 2024): Tokyo Symphony Orchestra (TSO), Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra (RBSO) and Silpakorn University Faculty of Music have agreed to become co-partners in an "Asia Project” new Asian based Initiatives of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, which is supported by the Japan Arts Council's "New Orchestra Support Program.”

Along with the Thai government’s policy of “soft power,” this project aims to establish a new base in Asia in a new model and develop multifaceted classical music activities throughout Asia.  The three allies have agreed and aimed to grow and co-develop this initiative into Thai societies with a timeframe of 3 years before spreading to other South East Asian countries and beyond throughout Asia. The signing ceremony is a historic first step in this grand direction.

Starting with the “Tokyo Symphony Orchestra Special Concert in Bangkok,” which is marked to be on March 22nd at Thailand’s Cultural Center, the co-partner will launch several first-ever classical music programs and experiences for the Thai public from performances, workshops, meetings, greetings and special classes.

Assistant Professor Wootichai Lertsatakit, Dean of the Faculty of Music, Silpakorn university (SU) says this initiative will establish a solid foundation for open knowledge exchanges and joint activities that will drive our common goals forward.  By working together, we can use our collective expertise to create a stronger cultural and personal exchange through music that will hopefully shape a brighter future for not only Thai music students but also classical music scene in Asia.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra (RBSO), Mrs. Nunthinee Tanner says that this venture is a chance for everyone involved to share beneficial skills with each other through potential communal events like musician exchanges, masterclasses, workshops, and friendship concerts. The RBSO is excited for this collective project as it will bring positive cultural improvements to the Thai society.

Last but not least, Mr. Yoshitaka Hirooka, Managing Director of Tokyo Symphony Orchestra (TSO), says Asia has diverse cultures, languages and histories. Classical music has great potential to perform as a bridge to connect these diversities and unite people together transcending all barriers from cultural to racial. We believe that the most important feature that this Project will create amongst the participants is the value of respecting one another and understanding and accepting cultural diversities while working together through the universal culture of music.



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