True IDC invests over 10 billion baht in the data center business, responding to big tech and the emergence of AI

Bangkok, January 31, 2024,
 True  Data Center Company Limited, also known as True IDC, a leading provider of data center and cloud services in Thailand, is embarking on a substantial investment of over 10 billion baht to significantly expand its data center and cloud business capabilities. This comprehensive investment plan spans three years, from 2024 to 2027, and includes large-scale projects such as the expansion of data centers at True IDC East Bangna Campus, and True IDC North Muangthong. Additionally, it encompasses a sustainability development projects to fully transform into a green data center and an operational excellence initiatives. The investment will enhance the company's capabilities to support hyperscale businesses, 

OTT providers, and leading technology service providers from abroad entering Thailand and the ASEAN region.

Becoming the largest data center in Thailand

The main investment will focus on expanding data centers, specifically the True IDC East, Bangna Campus, and True IDC North, Muangthong projects. The goal is to elevate the standards of data centers in Thailand to accommodate the entry of global-level businesses, such as large-scale computer system service providers (hyperscalers) like cloud and social media, Over-the-Top (OTT) internet media service providers like content streaming service, as well as businesses in other industries that adopt and develop technologies to deliver digital products and services, especially in the highly popular field of AI. Both projects will offer a service area of over 60,000 square meters, constructed according to Uptime and TIA-942 standards. This will provide flexibility to businesses through a build-to-suit service model, allowing customers to design various types of computer equipment setups, such as high-density computing that supports AI technology, liquid cooling computing, and the ability for customers to determine their own electricity usage within their space at a bigger scale with less restrictions. Additionally, there will be an expansion of electricity capacity by another 41 megawatts, making True IDC capable of providing services with the largest electricity capacity in Thailand when combined with the existing capacity. Furthermore, the projects aim to achieve the lowest Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) level in Thailand.The new data centers will provide carrier-neutral network through four diverse routes, ensuring seamless data access and transmission. They will also offer direct connections to international cloud services and internet exchange services that allow faster data exchange compared to conventional connections. The aforementioned data center expansion projects are expected to be completed and ready for service in 2025.

Taking sustainability to the next level, from the digital foundation

The additional investment will be a sustainability development projects, aiming to transition towards 

a full-fledged green data center. True IDC recognizes that digital sustainability must be developed from the foundational infrastructure level. Therefore the development will happen simultaneously with the construction of data centers, starting from designing green buildings following the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) standards, emphasizing environmentally friendly construction materials, and utilizing systems and equipment that support sustainability, such as SF-6-free equipment and lithium-ion batteries. In terms of electricity, True IDC has previously installed solar cell systems in the data center phase. In the upcoming phase, clean energy sources like wind and biofuel cells will be integrated. Additionally, electric vehicle charging stations will be installed outside the data centers, using electricity from solar panels on the parking roof area to encourage clean energy usage for data center users. Furthermore, True IDC has set a goal to align with the Charoen Pokphand Group, aiming to become a carbon-neutral business by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2030.

Combine intelligence with international standard operational practices

True IDC will focus on improving operational excellence of data centers. It aims to incorporate Artificial Intelligence Data Center Infrastructure Management (AI DCIM) software, working in conjunction with IoT devices and smart sensors to efficiently store and process data from various equipment. This enables real-time monitoring and centralized analysis, enhancing oversight and maintaining a balanced temperature within the data center, ensuring smooth operation of high-heat generating equipment. The entire data center operation is aligned with the Uptime Institute's Tier III Gold standard, a certification held by True IDC as the sole provider in Thailand and Indochina. This certification covers proactive maintenance, concurrently maintainable, thorough system checks, which will be executed by highly skilled and experienced experts. This approach ensures worry-free IT operations for our customers.

Mr. Theerapun Charoensak, the General Manager of True IDC, revealed that “the data center market in Southeast Asia is expected to grow significantly in 2024, with USDC Technology predicting a growth rate of up to 12.9%, resulting in a market value of $3.5 billion USD (equivalent to approximately 122.5 billion Thai Baht). Considering the Statista-forecasted growth in the adoption of AI technology in Asia from 2023 to 2030 which can be as high as 19.5%, True IDC recognizes that this round of data center projects investment will bring new opportunities for the Thai and ASEAN economies and boost improvement and sustainability for the digital lifestyle of individuals as our business establishes a foundation to accommodate the technological advancements of various businesses, especially in the digital and AI ages, where international players are actively entering the market. Despite being the number one data center service provider in Thailand with over 20 years of operation, we aim to enhance our capabilities and develop services to meet the diverse needs of all businesses.”

Those interested in utilizing True IDC's data center and cloud system services or wishing to visit the data center facilities can contact us for more details at or call 02-494-8300.

About True IDC

True Internet Data Center Co., Ltd., or True IDC (headquarter: Bangkok, Thailand) is the top carrier-neutral data center service provider and one-stop cloud service provider experienced in managing multiple data centers located in various strategic business districts, both domestic and overseas, that has received international certifications for its high standard. Besides being experienced in providing cloud services both domestically and overseas, the company is also the cloud service provider who has the most business alliances with other leading service providers. Furthermore, True IDC is recognized as the data center and cloud service provider that can truly respond to the demand of large and medium enterprises, as well as the government sector, contributing to driving the country’s digital economy forward.

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